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The Adenium Group seeks to change the way that both the private and public sectors operate in the Developing World. We believe that it is possible to build sustainable, peaceful communities and bring a new approach to managing post-conflict situations.

Business delivery is the real agent of change. Our objective is to help ensure long-term stability and security by providing key services and investing in developing economies to facilitate the wider distribution of wealth and well-being.

We develop business partnerships in order to foster close relations with indigenous communities wherever we operate. We encourage a stakeholder approach from grassroots level upwards, sharing skills to strengthen communities, rebuild infrastructure and improve education.

By working with elected governments and organisations such as the Africa Union, the Commonwealth, the European Union and the United Nations, Adenium seeks to promote wide-spread and lasting prosperity and to become a by-word for long-term sustainable and ethical practices.

The Adenium Group The Adenium Group
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